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We are Laurel Carriers ltd, an International Manning and crew management service provider.

Respecting your privacy is our major concern. that is why we have limited this site for information purposes only. this site does not collect nor process any private data by any means other than the contact form. 

any private data you inserted into this form is treated under strict confidentiality rules and we do not share any items with any of our affiliates, clients or any other party related by any means to us.

the data you will agree to submit will be used only to initiate communication with you by our employees and discuss with you any opportunity of cooperation between Laurel Carriers Inc. and you.

all exchanged communications are strictly confidential and are kept securely into our email exchanges system. they are not saved anywhere else and therefore are protected by the encryption tools of the internet service provider and the email client itself.

at any time you have the right to request a copy of our confidential exchanges, or request from us to delete all traces of our exchanges or exersize the right to be forgoten to which we will immediately comply.

By applying to our platform you hereby confirm that you explicitly allow us to send you our messages and our marketing announcements. 

although you are not allowed to copy, manipulate, destroy, distort or  by any means reproduce , print, copy, without our trademarks any/all texts, photos, designs, ideas, products and anything content on this site and whole set of pages, which is considered as intelectual property of Laurel Carriers ltd. and as such it is protected by International Copyright laws and regulations,  however you are alowed to use all/any of the contents of this whole site for receiving information for our company and contact with us. Also you have been granted permission to introduce our site to other rntities for the introduction and promotion of our services.

thank you for continuing using our site.

for information, questions and/or private data usage requests in respect with GDPR and other International data protection regulations please submitt your queries to Cpt. Pavlos Maravegias/HR Manager 

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