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how do you value yourself as a seafarer? 
do you aim to the top, among the best?
we can help you reach your target and become one.
because we believe in human element and we don't exchange crew with chips and electronics.   

Cpt. Pavlos Maravegias

HR/Business Development

Quick FAQ

We are dedicated Crew Managers since 2000 fully accredited and certified as per higher available standards with ISO 9001:2015 and MLC 2006 compliance by B.V.
At the same time we own and manage our own ships as a Shipping Company with more than 150 years presence and accumulated knowledge in Shipping Business.
After 20 years undisrupted presence in Ship's Crew Manning Industry, we understand all aspects of manning a modern fleet in these difficult market days.
We provide our International clients with crew from all Nationalities and we have physical representation in Greece, U.S.A., the Philippines, Ukraine, Russia, UK and Germany.

we can assist you to become highly competent and fully qualified seafares and introduce you to the best Companies in the Shipping business today. No matter what is your Rank and your level of expertise, we are here to provide you with a secured and properly paid job in the ships of our first Class principals.

We offer a full market range salary, competitive in all aspects, we have created a unique career planning for our loyal crew members, and a full package of added value and benefits depending on your service time with us, your professional achievements in our principal's Vessels and your training performance in our programs. This package includes rewards and awards among members of our pool, with family insurance, scholarship and other benefits to reward your loyalty. We offer this innovative full benefit program to you since we believe that our value depends on your value and therefore we would not be here without you 

By using the latest CES by our Seagull partners, language MARLIN tests, approved psychometrics and ability profilling platform and professional interview-profiling by our highly qualified experts, we only select and accept in our pool the most qualified and competent Crew members. If you are a qualified Seaman and you wish to become part of our community please contact with us through our contact form. One of our People will communicate with you soon and arrange for a meeting in our office, or a skype interview, depending on your Nationality and residence.

types of fleets of our clients


Mega Yachts


Bulk Carriers



we measure our goals by improving the quality of our crew and not by counting the number of people we have deployed on board

dedicated to master the skills of ...

proficiency in sources


building the Crew of the future

Carreer Planning

power in unity

Community and loyalty pooling

innovation in planning

Modern transparent accounting procedures


we represent

the latest stage of evolution in manning services

thinking manpower

Our philosophy and dedication is to improve the quality and level of our Crew Pool members constantly, to prepare them for the next generation of your demands. We create thinking manpower, by a continuous training and skills upgrading system. While on leave we offer a vast number of training sessions to you for obtaining refreshment courses and improve your level. Respecting your financial tightness we offer a boarding house stay on our account for our pool members living out side Manila and wishing to participate in our training sessions. Ask for details.

community bonds

A sophisticated and innovative benefit and rewarding Plan is established for our Crew members, to provide a high loyalty level and rotation/retention rates. Our strictly selected candidates will become tight with family bonds promoting loyalty, sportsmanship, team spirit and cooperation. Ask for our detailed Benefit program prepared for you with short and long terms benefits, performance rewards and family packages.

...from the future

No more cash on board. Now with the cooperation with the BDO we have created your personal USD account.. This account is opened under our guarantee free of charge to you and allow you to withdraw USD in cash all over the world provided you have send your extra allotment in this account. No further concerns about Safety, Security, Availability of big amount of cash in you pocket!!!


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