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We treat your fleet as of our own
because we were owners before we become Crew Managers

Our history of more than 160 years in the shipping business guarantees our sucess to deliver our services to your maximum satisfaction.

We are Laurel Carriers Ltd.

On October 2017 we initiated the latest stage in the evolution of manning services 

We count more than 160 years of presence and accumulated knowledge in shipping as Owners and Managers.
We also are Crewing Agents and Managers with 20 years  of undisrupted presence in Ship's Crew management.
We understand first hand the needs of a modern fleet and can provide our principals with the best manpower available, selected under our strict and efficient evaluation system, irrespective of the type, constitution or size of their fleet. We are dedicated Crew Managers since 1998 fully acredited and certified as per higher available standards with ISO 9001:2015 and MLC compliannce by B.V. 

Who are we?

The Evolution of Manning Services...

By utilizing the best training tools and sources in the market, we keep upgrading our crew to meet even the most demanding standards. By using the latest CES by our Seagull partners, language MARLIN tests and professional interview-profiling by our trained experts we can select and present to you of the most qualified and competent Crew members.
All STCW, TMSA 3, SIGTTO fully compliant.
Psychometry and ability profilling tests are used for of our crew as pool entry selection standards.

How did do it?

Proficiency in sources

Our philosophy and dedication is to improve the quality and level of our Crew Pool members constantly, to prepare them for the next generation of your demands. We create thinking manpower and not button-pushers, by a continuous training and skills upgrading system. By utilizing the best training tools and sources in the market, we keep upgrading our crew to meet even the most demanding standards

Training-Career Planning

Building the Crew of the future

No hidden costs, full transparency by full e-access through our unique web portal  to your Crew database and reaal time accounts information, free refreshment training to over 20 modules and access to over 350 other subjects in our Library for your crew, and 24/7 attendance by our personnel are some of the benefits you gain with our cooperation. We offer our services with a variety of very competitive and flexible solutions which can be tailored to meet the size, type and needs of your Fleets.
Additionally, we offer an optional unique added value package, covering cash free ships, free Agency fees, Audits and inspections, Surveys, Training solutions on board and ashore etc.

Added Value

Innovation in planning

A sophisticated and innovative benefit and rewarding Plan is established for our Crew members, to provide a high loyalty level and rotation/retention rates. Our strictly selected candidates will become tight with family bonds promoting loyalty, sportsmanship, team spirit and cooperation.


Power is in unity


Our people are available to reply to all your inquiries.
We can arrange a full presentation at your premises.
Please submit our contact form and one of our representatives will contact you for more details.


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